"I think the elements of metal with its sense of power and its aggression and its volume and its various textures, and especially the messages, I think metal, and when I say “metal” I’m talking about all kinds of metal, but I think it’s always had this very powerful charge behind it of opportunity and of overcoming things in life, which is a message that Priest has always embraced. It’s a very empowering kind of music."
— Rob Halford (X)

Judas Priest is not the faster, heaviest band, but, perhaps because of Halford’s voice and interpretation of the lyrics, the songs turn out being so passionate, it feels really aggressive and heavy to me.

Master vocalist, even in his 60s.

Anyone know…

bands similar to Nevermore that I could check out?

Or anything heavy with some progressive elements, or progressive with some heavy, groovy elements? Hmmm, hmmm?

Or just great guitar-ridden music?

"(… ) in heavy bands like Dio, Maiden, or even Van Halen, the guitar is mixed very upfront, and in-your-face. There’s an edge to it. But in Dokken, George’s guitar sound was mixed the way the guitar is mixed in Bon Jovi or Winger — back behind pop vocal stylings. Worse, the aggressive, rough edges of the guitar sound have been softened in the mix, so as not to annoy your mom or your girlfriend."

John Walker at Dinosaurrockguitar.com, about George Lynch.

I love Dokken, but this is true.

This is how I’ll always remember Queensrÿche, regardless of the mess they’re into or the cabaret shows or the horrible releases. It’s quite possible that great things will happen again now that the remaining members will be focused on bringing back their essence. Maybe Chris DeGarmo will collaborate with them again (dreaming is free).

Anyway, for those Rÿcheans out there, here’s The Mission ;)

So, I’m starting to write music reviews for another web page

And the first one is for the band Klaymore and their second album, It’s Alive. They play heavy metal and the record is free. You can read my review here and listen to one track (if you click on it, it will lead you to where you can listen/download the rest of the album).

Again, I kindly invite you all to read and listen!


So I might as well begin to put some action in my life!

"You don’t get an opportunity like that every day, and you can’t let nerves, doubt, worry or intimidation get in the way. As soon as you do, you could blow it. I knew I could do it. I knew I could handle it."

Richie Faulkner, on auditioning for Judas Priest.

I think that’s a good way to approach those few life-changing opportunities that come along.

♫ Breaking the law ♫

Track Title: Metalium / Burning

Artist: Various Artists

Album: A Tribute To Accept

This is an awesome cover of Accept’s song Burning, made by the german band Metalium.

"I say, hey Rock ‘n’ Roller,

power in your hands,

you and your music

make me rockin’ mad!”

Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford

Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford

Track Title: Dokken - Dysfunctional - 02 - Hole in my head

Artist: Dokken

"Hole in my Head", by Dokken (from Dysfunctional)

This is one of my favorite songs, Lynch’s work here is amazing and the vocals blend together very nicely. Enjoy!

"I feel - something’s not right in my head
I know - must have been something I said
What could be drawing me in
Closer and closer again
All of the visions escape from the holes in my head
Can you - see what I’m trying to say
All my - feelings are turning to gray
The light in the tunnel grows dim
My silver lining has left all these clouds in my head
Watching the thoughts grow in rows in the fields of my mind
Into an ocean of words that I cannot define
I see - must have been something I said
Suddenly everything’s clear
All my experience left me with nothing to fear
Won’t be long
Won’t be long”