Lynch/Pilson - Closer to None

George Lynch - MTV Headbangers Ball 211


George Lynch - Son of Scary

I didn’t know he had done a new version of the perfect Mr. Scary.

"(… ) in heavy bands like Dio, Maiden, or even Van Halen, the guitar is mixed very upfront, and in-your-face. There’s an edge to it. But in Dokken, George’s guitar sound was mixed the way the guitar is mixed in Bon Jovi or Winger — back behind pop vocal stylings. Worse, the aggressive, rough edges of the guitar sound have been softened in the mix, so as not to annoy your mom or your girlfriend."

John Walker at, about George Lynch.

I love Dokken, but this is true.

Track Title: Inner View

Artist: George Lynch/Jeff Pilson

Album: Wicked Underground

This song is so relaxing O_O

So, after listening to Loomis’ new (amazing) album, I went back to this song by George Lynch/Dokken. Completely different styles, of course, but I love it.

Track Title: Dokken - Dysfunctional - 02 - Hole in my head

Artist: Dokken

"Hole in my Head", by Dokken (from Dysfunctional)

This is one of my favorite songs, Lynch’s work here is amazing and the vocals blend together very nicely. Enjoy!

"I feel - something’s not right in my head
I know - must have been something I said
What could be drawing me in
Closer and closer again
All of the visions escape from the holes in my head
Can you - see what I’m trying to say
All my - feelings are turning to gray
The light in the tunnel grows dim
My silver lining has left all these clouds in my head
Watching the thoughts grow in rows in the fields of my mind
Into an ocean of words that I cannot define
I see - must have been something I said
Suddenly everything’s clear
All my experience left me with nothing to fear
Won’t be long
Won’t be long”

Jeff Pilson and George Lynch

I love this pic, they look like two kids playing!

Jeff Pilson and George Lynch

I love this pic, they look like two kids playing!